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Writing German Words

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Writing German Words with Fragenbär – Space School Alphafull version with 10 games (No In-App Purchases) – recommended for children older than 7 years »Hello, Fragenbär to earth, come up here!« Of course this urgent distress call from Space School Alpha cannot be ignored! Anyone using their personal pilot on their way to space school must save the small Alphis dropping from their orbiters. 
To get started, players must acquire enough fuel to power their spaceship. They can win fuel by going through 10 different game modules. Each correctly solved task will fill their fuel tank by one unit. Incorrect solutions will shorten their flight time and thereby diminish their chances of picking up more Alphis!
The more tasks are solved correctly, the longer is the flight time and the chance to collect more Alphis to be Number One in the highscore.
After 50 correct answers, the space journey begins. While trying to save as many Alphis as possible, the players must also react quickly to avoid collision with floating space junk threatening their space ship. 
This educational game provides more than 2,000 practice words for sytematically learning German spelling and vocabulary. Everything is read aloud. The players get an immediate feedback on whether the task was solved correctly or incorrectly. If an error occurs the correct solution is shown automatically, helping the player to discover recurring patterns and rules. 
Learning content: More than 2,000 practice words – everything is read aloud!
Game 1: Missing Vowelsrelation between vowels and letters
Game 2: Missing Consonants relation between consonants and letters
Game 3: Double Consonants a single consonant follows the long vowel, a double consonant follows the short vowel
Game 4: Final Consonants g/k, d/t, b/p you can »hear« the final consonant by lengthening the word
Game 5: ä or e, äu or eu »Umlaut« or not? Use the letter with dots, if there is a meaning related word
Game 6: Find Nouns capitalization of German nouns
Game 7: Noun Markers: der, die, das each German noun has only one noun marker
Game 8: Words to keep in Mind word recognition at a glance
Game 9: Difficult Wordscompose special words with V/v, Sch/sch, Ch/ch, double consonants, -i, -h, ks, ß, ng, tz, ck
Game 10: Words and Sentences compose words into sentences and understand the context
The exercise instructions in this learning game are bilingual: bilingual: English / German
If you have any queries oder suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us: Thank you!

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